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Nandhini Mohan - Charity Designs

Nandhini Mohan is a freestyle artist who started painting intricate traditional Indian art by connecting dots. 

Nandhini has regularly visited family and friends in India and found that a lot of children need help and support to lead their day to day lives.

Proceedings from all her art projects will be donated to Karunai Illam (Mercy Home) registered in Wellington to help provide underprivileged children with food, basic education and self-sufficient, sustainable living conditions in India.

Gradually, Nandhini started painting abstract works, she is fascinated by the colours and their noticeable effect on people’s lives. She digitally altered her own paintings and transformed them into floral designs to print on T-shirts. 

For further information on the Karunai Illam (Mercy Home) charity please visit www.karunai-illam.org